Monday, December 27, 2010

Minutes of the Dec. 14, 2010, Board Meeting

To: Island Towers Board of Directors
From: Bob Beck, ITA Board Secretary
Re: Minutes of the Dec. 14, 2010, Board Meeting

Date: December 18, 2010

Call to Order--by President Kahanu at 6:00 PM

Roll Call of Directors/Establish Quorum--Six Board members were present, establishing a quorum: President Kahanu, present; Vice-President Muny, absent; Treasurer Metelski, present; Secretary Beck, present; Director Klamo, present; Director Bradlow, present; Director Kelley, present

Proof of Notice--Proof of Notice provided by President Kahanu

Approval of the November 23, 2010, Board Meeting Minutes--(1) Motion made and seconded to waive reading of minutes. Motion carried. (2) Motion made and seconded to approve minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Report--Treasurer Metelski The comparison of year-to-date operating expenses to budget was favorable in each of the three units. Master was under budget by 11.2% or $28,939. There was no section of expenses that was over budget. The most significant turn-around was in the utility expense section, with water, sewer and electricity showing negative monthly expenses totaling around $6,000. East Building was under budget year-to-date by $9,846 or 5%. Again, the total in each expense section was under budget, with only the elevator expense, in the repairs and maintenance section, being over budget by $1,744. West Building total year-to-date expenses were under budget by $3,406 or 2%. The only item over budget was building and exterior, in the repairs and maintenance section, which was over budget by $2,696.

Committee Report--John Richardson (Pool Heating Committee chair)--John asked for a check to be cut for 1/2 of consultant's fee ($1575), so consultant Tom Mudano can be paid. Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Manager's Report--Liz Fox (Condominium Associates): A copy of Liz's report is included in the office copy of the minutes and available for review. Also, a copy is available in the ITA secretary's notebook maintained by Bob Beck (#102 West Tower).

Old Business--
(1) Pool Fence--Motion to approve fence was made and seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
(2) Perimeter Fence--Motion to approve fence was made and seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
(3) Kitchen renovations--It was decided to go back for a full residents' vote on the issue since it cannot be decided by simply 3/4 of the residents physically attending the meeting. Specifically, to continue to have a conventional stove in the clubhouse kitchen will cost the Association approximately $25,000 to bring the kitchen up to code with a new stove and a commercial range hood that vents out the side of the clubhouse. These changes would amount to approximately $300 per unit. If 3/4 of the total ownership do not vote to totally eliminate the stove (and thus not have to install a stove or a commercial range hood) we are legally bound by our documents to replace the stove and install the commercial range hood. A possible much less expensive alternative would be to choose a combination microwave/convection oven to replace the current conventional stove. The model of the combo microwave/convection oven would be subject to approval by the fire marshal.
(4) Putting green repairs--Tabled until three bids are received.

New Business--
(1)Trash Chute Repairs and Cleaning--Motion to proceed was made and seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
(2) Pool Area Paver Cleaning and Sealing--Tabled
(3) Dock Painting and Repair--Motion made and seconded, Motion carried unanimously.
(3) Bright House contract renewal,
(4) Knowlogy Proposal--Unable to get proposal to us on time. Tabled
(4) Elevator Maintenance Proposals--Tabled.

Unit Owner Letters and Concerns--A water test has been performed on the waterside windows in units 401 W and 301 W.

Adjournment-- Motion to Adjourn was made and seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Adjournment at 8:00 PM.

Note: Minutes and an audio recording of the Board Meeting are available to Island Towers residents in the ITA office.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert W. Beck
Secretary, Island Towers Association

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sep 28, 10 Board Meeting Minutes

To: Island Towers Board of Directors
From: Bob Beck, ITA Board Secretary
Re: Board Meeting Minutes for September 28, 2010
Date: October 16,, 2010

Establish a Quorum/Roll Call--Six of the seven Board members were present, establishing a quorum: President Kahanu, present; Vice President Muny, absent; Treasurer Metelski, present by phone; Secretary Beck, present; Director Klamo, present; Director Bradlow, present; Director Kelley, present

Call to Order--by President Kahanu at 6:02 PM
(Recognition of Steve Carpenter on his retirement effective Oct. 1, 2010, and introduction of Elizabeth Fox, our new Condominium Associates' agent.)
Waive reading of minutes: Board voted unanimously to waive reading minutes of August 27, 2010.

Approval of the minutes: Board voted unanimously to approve minutes of August 27, 2010.

Financial Report: Kahanu and Metelski--YTD we are in fairly good shape in the three areas, East Bldg., West Bldg. and Master: Master YTD +2.5% (approx. $3,600), East Bldg. YTD +6.6% (approx. $9500), West Bldg. YTD +2.5% (approx. $3600) Operating cash is fairly favorable. We are in fairly favorable condition cash flow-wise. The August financials can be obtained by going to and downloading them or by calling Client Services (727) 753-9300 and asking them to mail you a copy. (There is a small fee for mailing.)

Property Management's Report--

(1) Our maintenance man, Luis, is working out well. He works from 8:00 - 12:00 five days a week.

(2) First draft of the 2011 budget has been distributed by CA. The final draft will be Nov. 23 subject to approval by Board members. The Board and finance committee must have recommendations to CA by the Oct. Board meeting when the final budget must be approved for mailing to residents. This will be in the final budget format approved by the Board and CA.

(3) Collection of rents from delinquent accounts. ITA would get the rent money. If we approve this, it will become part of the CA contract. Motion: We will approve what CA is proposing. Motion was seconded. Vote was unanimously in favor.

(4) Elevator repairs. Steve mentioned that there would be a rather large expense next month ($8,000) after the elevator repair work (modifications to bring them up to code) is completed in both buildings. The majority of the expense will be reflected in the September financials next month. We are about 80% done with repairs in both buildings.

(5) Landscaping vote. Board forgot to vote last month on landscaping improvements discussed at the last meeting which were installation of 12 crape myrtle trees in front of both buildings and additional plantings on the west side of the 200 building to inhibit sea spray on the covered parking spaces closest to the water. These projects are at a cost of $1200. Motion was made and seconded to accept bid by Summit Lawn Care. Motion carried.

(6) Telephone list. Change in FL statute states that it is illegal to publish the phone numbers of residents. Decision: We will contact all residents and get their permission to have their phone numbers listed. Phone numbers of those who wish to have their numbers omitted will be deleted from the list. Drago will ask Joan Panrell to contact everyone to get his or her preference. The suggestion was made that we have an emergency list of phone numbers available in the office. Drago will check with the attorney concerning this matter. Motion was made that we will contact residents and get their permission to have numbers published and go with that list. Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

(6) Question: Has an electrician fixed the electrical fixture around the pool which had water coming out of it? Answer: electrician will have to order a new pool light with a long cord that goes into the box. Also, electrician installed an outlet in the West Building workshop.

(7) Does the motion detector on the east side of the clubhouse work? Answer: Yes, it does.

Unfinished Business--

(1) Pool Heaters. This item will be discussed with the Board at the special meeting scheduled on Oct. 19 by the pool heating committee.

(2) Pool Fence. Drago met with Rick Johnson, director of the Dunedin permitting office. Johnson agreed to an on-site meeting concerning both the pool and perimeter fences. He will give us some information and help on how to deal with permitting issues.

(3) Kitchen Renovations. Drago will meet soon with the attorney, Ben Rabin, to get input on how to proceed on this issue. Drago asked Steve to get clarification from the fire marshal concerning our using a combination microwave/convection oven in the clubhouse kitchen.

(4) Kayak Storage Rack. This item was put on hold and will be discussed with Rick Johnson when he visits the property.

(5) Perimeter Fence. Discussed under #2 above, Pool Fence.

(6) Bike Storage. Steve sent the letter to residents who signed up for bike storage but who have not put a bike in their assigned slot(s), giving them 60 days to do so or their slot(s) will be reassigned to residents waiting for space. Drago reiterated that the space is owned by the IT Association rather than by individual owners. If the space is not used by an owner, the Association has the power to reassign the space. Also, specific bike rack space is not automatically included with a unit when the unit is sold.

New Business--

(1) Putting Green Repairs. Steve had the putting green painted for the sake of appearance. The question is: Should the putting green be restored or should the issue of restoration be put to a resident vote? Answer: The putting green is part of the original list of amenities for the property. The decision was to have Steve and/or Liz get an estimate on restoring it. Also, if it was decided by a previous IT board to do away with the putting green seven or eight years ago, the decision is invalid since the putting green is part of the original list of amenities for the property. To change or remove an amenity takes a resident vote and is not a board decision. It is the current Board's responsibility to maintain the property and its amenities or arrange for IT residents to vote whether or not to continue and maintain the amenity.

(2) Ground Water in Women's Restroom. Ted Graham, engineer for Kerns Whitehouse, has determined the problem is rain water from the outside running under the door of the air conditioning room, across the floor and into the women's restroom. Nichols Construction Co. presented a proposal ($1,150) to raise the threshold of the a/c room door to the outside and to install a shorter' fiber glass door. Drago made the motion to raise the outside door threshold, replace the door, and get an opinion on whether or not adding a vent to the door would help curtail the flow of water under the door. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

(3) Perimeter Fence. Tabled until October meeting. Question was raised as to whether the perimeter fence is a security or privacy issue. Drago will get a determination from the attorney. We will vote on the fence issue at the October meeting.

Unit Owner Letters and Concerns--

John Richardson--rust issues on stairwells and railings. John asked Board whether they want him to contact Raul of Complete Property Services to come out and do an evaluative study of the situation. Steve said that there is a proposal on file from CPS to do the maintenance of the stairwells for both buildings in the spring and that they should be deferred until the fall. Drago stated that it would be feasible for us to establish a maintenance committee.

Hattie Bradlow--Is anything being done about routine maintenance and sanitizing of trash chutes? Drago responded that we are trying to move toward preventative maintenance in general. Sandy Phillips mentioned the deplorable condition of the chute in the East Building.

Jodie Cannon asked about the condition of the coating on the walkways and if the installer is going to do anything about their condition and appearance. Steve is going to write a letter to Gemstone about this situation. Drago suggested a scheduled meeting about warranty issues.

Bob Beck brought up the issue about the broken window and window seals in the West Building lobby.

Ann Wiberg stated that the last applied coat of walkway sealer splashed on the screen door.

Sandy Phillips said that she has holes all over her screens.

Carmen Walsh asked about the status of the screen replacement.
Crowe Industries said that the window screens weren't cut right. They are running a test on two units before replacing all the screens.

Adjournment: 8:00 PM

Note: Minutes available on file in IT office and recorded on audio cassette also on file.
Respectfully submitted,
Robert W. Beck
Secretary, ITA Board of Directors

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2011 Budget Schedule

Here is the 2011 Budget schedule:
1. Oct 22, 10: Review change recommendations to the Budget. Revise 2011 Budget to reflect said changes.
2. Oct 26, 10, 6:00 PM, Oct Monthly Board Meeting: The Board gets the revised 2011 Budget from CA, and votes to mail it to the membership for review and comments. The Board will also vote to send the proxy ballot to waive full funding of the reserves.
3. Nov 17, 10: Final review of change recommendations is made. The approved changes are incorporated into the Budget to be voted on by the Board on Nov 22, 10.
4. Nov 22, 10, at 6:00 PM, Special Membership Meeting to Waive Full Funding of the Reserves: The CA will determine if a quorum is established. If we have a quorum (by proxy ballots and members present, the votes will be tabulated and the decision to waive full funding of the reserves will be announced.
5. Nov 22, 10, at 6:30 PM, Nov Monthly Board Meeting: The Board votes to approve the 2011 Budget.
6. Dec 2, 10: CA sends out the 2011 maintenance coupons based on the approved 2011 Budget.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dog Issue at Island Towers

Dear Owner/Resident

As some of you may be aware, the Association has received a request from one of our residents to keep a dog in her unit as a “reasonable accommodation” under the Fair Housing Act.

Under the Fair Housing Act (42 U.S.C.§§3601-3619) If a unit occupant desires an accommodation based upon an asserted disability, it is incumbent upon the occupant to establish the following:

1. That he or she is disabled (also referred to as “handicapped” by the Act);

2. That there is a relationship between the disability and the proposed accommodation; and

3. That the Association must provide the accommodation requested to afford the occupant an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their unit or the common elements.

The term “handicapped” is defined as “a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more of such person’s major life activities…” Additionally, the requested accommodation must be reasonable. If an owner or resident is able to establish credible facts supporting each of the foregoing requirements, the Association should make the accommodation.

With regard to the current request, the Board has consulted legal counsel who will assist with reviewing the information provided from the resident to determine if the accommodation should be granted under the Fair Housing Act. The Board of Directors appreciates your understanding regarding this important matter, and specifically requests that you continue to treat this resident with courtesy and respect, and refrain from making any disparaging comments.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Fair Housing Act, you may wish to visit the Florida Commission on Human Relations website at

Sale Listings as of Oct 15, 10

Address Water Pool Bed Bath Parking Age SqFt Price
300 Woodette Dr #703 Yes Yes 2 F2 1 Crpt 37 1,370 $200,000
300 Woodette Dr #105 Yes No 2 F2 1 Crpt 37 1,180 $279,900
300 Woodette Dr #705 No Yes 2 F2 1 Crpt 37 1,370 $319,000
300 Woodette Dr #805 Yes Yes 2 F2 1 Crpt 37 1,370 $370,000

This information is being provided by Susan Gaddis, (727) 403-9070. We can not guaranttee the accuracy of this information. To do that, or if you wish additional information contact Susan directly.

Fence Permitting Review with Rick Johnson, Oct 5, 10, 11:00 AM

On Tuesday Oct 5, 10, at 11:00 AM, I met with Rick Johnson, Director of Permitting. We discussed the following the following issues:

1. Pool fence: Rick gave me the information (attached) governing the restrictions on the pool. The fence height should be 4 feet. The gate should have an elevated child proof lock. All fence contractore are aware of the type of child proof lock required by law. The fence wing extension over the seawall are allowed.

2. The perimeter fence: The height 6 feet is allowed. The path of the fence is permitted running east and west; however, there is a problem with the north/south portion of the fence. Dunedin ordinance don’t allow a 6 foot fence within 10 feet of the water. In order to comply we have the following options:

a. On the west side of the property connect into the neighbors north/south fence.

b. On both north/south fences reduce the fence height to 4 feet, which is allowed within 10 feet of the water.

c. Seek a height variance for the north/south portions of the fence. If we choose to go for the variance he recommends that we apply for permitting in two sections then first portions which runs east/west and attaches to the buildings, and the second portion the runs north/south and will require the application for variance. Making the application in two parts will help us keep on schedule allowing us to do the first part while waiting for a variance on the second (north/south) part. He didn’t know how successful we’d beat getting a variance.

That was the extent of the discussion, other than to say that he seem impressed with the improvements and current appearance of the property.

President/Property Mgr's Meeting, Oct 12, 10, at 9:00 AM

This is a summary of the issues discussed between the President & Property Manager on Oct 13, 10, at 9:00 AM:

1. Signed checks: nothing usual.

2. Pool Meeting Confirmed: There will be a pool committee meeting Oct 19, 10, at 6:00 PM.

3. Agenda: discussed issues to include on the Oct 26, 10, board meeting agenda:

a. Roof/Maintenace committee update; John Richardson will present an update.
b. Fence perimeter vote: the board will vote on the perimeter fence.
c. Pool committee update; John Richardson will present an update.
d. Kayak Vote; The board to vote on asking the membership to add a rack for canoes and kayaks.

4. The 2011 Budget schedule: We needs to keep the following schedule in order to mail out the maintenance coupons by Dec 2011:

a. Oct 22, 10: Finance/Board input summarized and sent to Condominium Associates.
b. Oct 26, 10: Board Meeting: the Board to vote to mail the 2011 Budget and Proxy ballot to waive full funding of the 2011 Reserves, to the membership.
c. Nov 23, 10 Special Proxy/Membership Meeting: the Special Membership Meeting to waive full funding of the 2011 Reserves.
d. Nov 23, 10 Board Meeting: the Board to vote to approve the 2011 Budget.

5. Finance Com Meeting: John Richardson wants the Finance committee to meet on Friday Oct 22, 10, 9:00 AM.

6. Conference call phone: Liz will look for a new phone, and purchase it before next Get better phone prior to the meeting.

7. Proxy ballots to be mailed out after the Oct 26, 10 board meeting:

a. Waive full funding for the 2011 Reserves.
b. Rollover of surplus into 2011 operational funds
c. Elimination of Clubhouse kitchen stove.
d. Approve alteration of the Association property in order to add Canoe/Kayak storage racks.
e. Fire Sprinklers waived vote: may be an annual requirement.

8. 2011 Budget:
a. Insurance – Property: Liz to clarify how much needs to be added to the 2011 budget.

9. Elevators: there is a push to have elevators upgraded. In some places Associations are being forced to take elevators out of service until upgrades are completed. Liz will check if that could happen to us.

10. Comfort Dog in 303W: advised her that the matter is now with the attorney. All related communications from 303W must be referred to the attorney, and we should not respond directly.

11. Redo Dock with compose lumber: she’ll bring it up under property managers input.

12. 301W – leaking window: Dan Romano, VP Ops, Crow Industries, and Raul Cartegena, Complete Property Services inspected the living room north side windows where the leaks occurred. They couldn’t find any obvious causes and wondered if it might be coming from the windows above in 401W. They will do a water test starting with 301W. If they don’t find a leak, they want to do a water test on 401W.